Running Sunspot and Solr with Rails 4 in Production

I recently added full text search capabilities to one of my projects and I decided to use Apache Solr and the Sunspot gem for Rails. Sunspot is awesome and ridiculously easy to integrate with Rails in a development setting, and it comes with a built-in Solr binary that is very useful for development and testing. […]

Cygwin SSHd on a Windows 2003 AMI Within Amazon EC2

Recently, I needed to configure a Windows 2003 AMI in EC2 to run a ssh server. I would have expected this to be a simple job, with a variety of choices for making this work, but in the end it was far more time consuming, complicated, and frustrating than I would have guessed. Here is […]

Adobe LiveCycle Express — Cloud Computing Meets Adobe LiveCycle ES

Adobe LiveCycle Express is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) product offering from Adobe that takes a cloud computing approach to delivering Adobe’s LiveCycle ES enterprise software suite using Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flex, and Amazon’s EC2 and S3 services. LiveCycle Express grew from a research project I conceived while working in Adobe’s Advanced Tchnology Labs division. […]

Rails 2, Flex 3, and Form Authenticity Tokens

Recently, I was working with a Ruby on Rails application and I had the need to call a Rails controller method, with some parameters, from a remote Flex client. I would have thought that this would be a simple HTTP GET or POST to the Rails controller/method URL, using a Flex HTTPService object, with a […]

ThreeD – A 3-D Rendering Engine in Java

ThreeD is an object-oriented rendering engine package written in Java. The ThreeD graphics pipeline is designed to support the transformation and visualization of Entities, each of which are subclasses of objects which encapsulate their own rendering and transformation algorithms and conform to a specific interface. The engine supports a switched, double-buffering scheme for the image […]

The Image MeshWarp Applet

<Shift-Click> toggles the grid visibility This is an implementation of a meshwarping algorithm, using polygon scan conversion with texture mapping to produce the warped image. On release of the mouse button after modifying the position of a vertex, the four affected polygons incident on the modified vertex are rendered with a relatively standard Bresenham incremental […]

The Image Morphing Applet

This is an implementation of a peculiar triangular morphing algorithm. Starting with a source image, a destination image, and three control points for each image, I basically divide each image into a mesh of triangles, using the four corners and three control points as vertices. These triangles are then split into what I call simple […]